The Need for Relationships?

In this modern day society, being single is not a permanent state, but something to be seen as temporary, with an end goal of becoming a part of a relationship. A boy and a girl enter a coffee shop and the automatic assumption of their relation to one another is as boyfriend and girlfriend. In contrast, two “straight” appearing pairs of men and women enter this same coffee shop, and they’re just friends meeting for a drink. Our perception on the world and the society that we live in automatically pairs men and women together as a couple, living up to the expectations that two people must be together. How could both possibly be single and only be friends? It is almost laughable. But what does society seemingly hold against the idea of being single – the term itself being a social construct to differentiate between a romantic and platonic relationship.

Growing up as a teenager to a young adult, I sit here very much thinking that being single should be viewed as negative. I can’t be happy single, can I? I must find a boyfriend; who is physically attractive in the eyes of everyone, can make me laugh, is intelligent, has impressive career prospects (such as a doctor or a lawyer, any artists or comedians need to be avoided – what sort of income could be produced from those jobs?), he must be able to cook (but I must also be able to cook too), we should both want kids, have a house of our own by 25? Be married? and live the rest of our days together…

It is exhaustive being in a relationship with the social ideals of our present day.

However being single, now that sounds like an easy job in comparison, and maybe I could focus on my own self-happiness, rather than the happiness of another. Now don’t get me wrong, I want everyone in the world to be as possibly happy as they can, however people often forget that our own happiness and our self should be the number 1 priority in our lives. Surprisingly, and to the shock of many, I believe that it is entirely possible to live a life being single, and still be happy, and still even somehow function normally, much to many people’s disbelief. THE NEED FOR A RELATIONSHIP should really be lowered on our scales of social importance. Modern day music and films and major celebrity media coverage, obsess over couples and relationships, and finding love in another, with there being very little portrayal of individuals themselves and the achievements that they have gained within themselves.

If you are a struggling singleton in this big world of love and relationships, just remember that you are not alone, and you especially do NOT need to fall for someone, for the sake of fitting in. We are so young, with so many years to live and there are so many people in the world, that we should enjoy the now, rather than searching for something instant in hopes to get the social acceptance that we think we need.

Is there a need for relationships? I think not.